Battery Backup Systems

Battery backup systems are brilliant for when Eskom does its energy dance. Battery backup solutions for businesses and homes are a speciality of JM Solar, and we are passionate about providing a high quality of service for a reasonable price.

  • The battery backup solutions can either be a modified sinewave or a sinewave inverter using a built-in battery charger with automatic changeover switch and a set of batteries.

  • The battery backup solution is permanently connected to the Eskom power so that while Eskom is delivering power, the battery charger recharges the batteries until a power failure happens and you need to use the backup power.

  • The equipment you want to back up is also permanently connected and in the case of a power failure happening, the energy backup system will automatically switch to backup power using an extra fast transfer switch, which will then provide power to you within 15 milli seconds which is very fast and standard equipment like computers, TVs, etc. are unaffected. 

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