Solar Solutions

We are passionate about Solar Solutions and Solar Technologies. Based in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa, JM Solar offers professional and expert advice for all your Renewable Energy Requirements. The sun generates HUGE abundant FREE energy which we can harness to use in our homes and businesses for electricity as well as hot water.

Our solar solutions include: Photo Voltaic Panels for electricity, Solar Geysers (both flat panel technology as well as Evacuated Tubes), Swimming Pool Heating, Heat Pumps, Battery Backup Solutions. Consultants at JM Solar can also advise on improving efficiency electricity use in the home and business by promoting LED lighting technology, and other more energy-efficient solutions.

If you would like to explore some or all of these solutions to improve life style and simultaneously reduce energy costs, JM Solar would be very happy to provide various solutions tailor made for you. Our installation quality is of the highest standard and the designs and technology will provide for your energy needs trouble free for decades.








Solutions solutions Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa, with expert solar geyser and off grid solar advice, also best solar technology with battery backups for solar solutions. Fin Solar geyser Midrand and solar geyser Sandton and many parts of Johannesburg.